チョコレート 歌 chocolate songs playlist J-Diva DaJare mix

バレンタイン プレイリスト chocolate 2月音楽

chocolate songs(short playlist)

chocolate songs playlist★Including chocolate-themed songs such as:
chocolate – 高田みち子(Takada Michiko)
バレンタイン・デー(Valentine day) – いしだあゆみ(Ishida Ayumi)
Chocolate – 山口リサ(Risa Yamaguchi)
HOT CHOCOLATE – 宏美(Hiromi)
CHOCOLATE – ちゃんみな(Chanmina)
Chocolate Kiss – Tiara
Valentine – 土岐麻子(Asako Toki)
チョコレイト・ディスコ(Chocolate Disco) – Perfume
Chocolate City – Zapp&Roger
Chocolate City – Parliament
Chocolate Buttermilk – Kool and the Gang
… featuring OH NO,OH YES! – 中森明菜(Akina Nakamori),
雨のささやき – 岡田奈々(Nana Okada) …and more

バレンタイン チョコレート ソング プレイリスト :
J-Diva DaJare Mix《ビターチョコレートビューティー》

Valentine Chocolate Song Playlist :
J-Diva DaJare Mix《Bitter Chocolate Beauty》
(City-Pop, Jazzy, French Pop, R&B, Disco, Funk, Soul, …)
Valentine chocolate Playlist《Bitter Chocolate Beauty》DaJare mix (outline)
1. chocolate Citypop
・chocolate Citypop Jazzy
・chocolate Citypop French Pop
2. chocolate R&B
・chocolate R&B – Tokyo
・chocolate R&B – Ginza
3. chocolate Disco
4. chocolate Funk
5. chocolate Mellow
6. chocolate Soul
・soul/kayokyoku – Ueno kei

liner notes(intro) For overseas listeners:
Hi, nice to meet you.
I am the administrator of this blog.

This blog is basically written in Japanese.
But in this We are trying to write articles in English.

Because, special feature on Chocolate Song,
I would like to introduce Japanese songstresses to people overseas, especially, another side of City-Pop, such as J-Divas in J-R&B, Kayokyoku, etc.

You may know 2016 to late 2010s City-Pop revival was in the context of future funk, from vaporwave in late 2000s.

So, mainly the “Boogie” side of City-Pop was accepted by oveaseas audiences.

I agree. Because, I was listening groove side of our City-pop just as you from actual 1980s.

That’s the great influence by dance music such as US Black music.

So, in this “chocolate” songs playlist, I would like to introduce more influence of Black culture in Japanese R&B, Hip-Hop, Disco music.

I can’t say they were most popular genre in Japanese pop music, because J-Pop, rock, are main stream in Japan.

But, even though in J-Pop artist, some songs are very funky.

Even though in 80s Japanese “Kayokyoku”era, there were very sweet urban R&B. e.g. “Oh, No, Oh, Yes” by Akina Nakamori – check’em with “Between the Sheets”.

City-Pop, which has become a little more well-known overseas in recent years.
But, I would like to introduce more variety of Japanese pop music.

This time we mainly focuced on Black music.
(Because main purpose is playlist for St.Valentine day.)

But, we have also Latin music, Brazilian music, and World Music.
If we have chance, we would like to introduce such kind of “another side” of Japanese pop music.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy 🙂 and Happy Valentine!


詳しくは「プライバシーポリシー・免責事項(privacy policy page)」をご参照ください。

chocolate Citypop 1

Valentine Playlist 1 –
chocolate Citypop Jazzy
chocolate city pop jazzy set – Valentine songs (City Pop, Lofi) sunset

・chocolate 5:47 高田みち子 Night buzz J-Pop
・My Lofi Valentine 2:00 Jake Giddens My Lofi Valentine – Single Hip-Hop/Rap

(Jazzy 1)

・My Funny Valentine 2:20 チェット・ベイカー My Funny Valentine Jazz 1954
・Rock with you 4:46 手嶌葵 Highlights from Aoi Works II J-Pop 2019
・Helado De Chocolate 6:17 EDDIE PALMIERI Superimposition Música tropical 1970

chocolate Citypop French
Chocolate Pop set (City pop, J-Pop, French Pop, Pop music, etc)

・February 2:43 Jay-Lounge 2 Am. Study Session Hip-Hop/Rap
・バレンタイン・デー 3:14 いしだあゆみ&ティン・パン・アレイ・ファミリー アワー・コネクション J-Pop
・女の子は淋しくても 2:23 小林麻美 初恋のメロディー Pop
・若草の頃 2:42 小川知子 小川知子 ベスト30 Pop
・Comment te dire adieu 2:30 Francoise Hardy Françoise French Pop
・世界は愛を求めてる 4:15 Burt Bacharach What the World Needs Now: Burt Bacharach Classics Pop
・They Long to Be Close to You 2:26 ディオンヌ・ワーウィック Make Way for Dionne Warwick R&B/Soul
・The Way We Were 3:31 バーブラ・ストライサンド The Way We Were Vocal
・雨のささやき 4:17 岡田奈々 憧憬 Kayokyoku

「雨のささやき」(Ame no sasayaki) 岡田奈々

雨のささやき · Nana Okada
Released on: 1975-12-10
Lyricist: Takashi Matsumoto
Composer: Ken Sato
Arranger: Tetsuji Hayashi


『憧憬+シングルコレクション』岡田奈々CD amazon.co.jp <PR>タワーレコードオンライン

chocolate R&B 2

chocolate R&B Valentine Playlist 2 -(Valentine chocolate Japanese R&B/Soul DIVA set) “Tokyo – Ginza Bitter Sweet Chocolate night” J-Diva DaJare mix (*image)
J-Diva chocolate R&B DaJare mix

・予感 中森明菜 BITTER AND SWEET Pop 1985
・After The Rain MUTE BEAT STILL ECHO Reggae 1986

<AD>『BITTER AND SWEET AKINA NAKAMORI 8TH ALBUM』中森明菜 CD amazon.co.jp(商品ページへリンク)

(Valentine chocolate R&B/Soul set 1: “Tokyo eki ha chocolate iro (Tokyo station is chocolate color)” night(*image)

【公式】中森明菜/OH NO,OH YES! (Live in ’87 A HUNDRED days at 東京厚生年金会館, 1987.10.17) AKINA NAKAMORI
Warner Music Japan

・OH NO,OH YES! 中森明菜 CRIMSON Pop 1986
・Old School アリーヤ Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number R&B/Soul 1997
・シルクの似合う夜(Between The Sheets)アイズレー・ブラザーズ Between the Sheets R&B/Soul 1984
・Baby Don’t Cry レイラ・ハサウェイ Lalah Hathaway R&B/Soul 1990
・All Night Long Wink Crescent (Remastered 2013) J-Pop 1990

<AD>『CRIMSON』中森明菜 CD amazon.co.jp(商品ページへリンク)

(Valentine Cohocolate R&B/Soul set 2: “Ginza no koi ha chotto otona kirakira (Love in Ginza is a bit grown up twinkle twinkle)” night(*image)

・Lofi Valentine Tealx1
・Chocolate 山口リサ Platinum Blesslet J-Pop 2007
・CHOCOLATE ちゃんみな CHOCOLATE Hip-Hop/Rap 2017
・Chocolate Kiss Tiara キミがおしえてくれた事 feat. SEAMO – EP R&B/Soul 2010
・Sense Pink I Am Valentines Day: Best Chilling Tunes, Vol. 3 Lounge 0 1
・Valentine 土岐麻子 PINK J-Pop 0 23

chocolate Disco 3

Valentine Playlist 3 – chocolate Disco
Valentine chocolate Disco set

chocolate Nu Disco

chocolate Nu Disco Wamono(boogie-kei), House, Techno…”Chika-tetsu Chika Chika(metro underground closer)”DaJare mix.
: Chika-tetsu(metro), Chika (underground), Chika-zuku(closer) 🙂 …some-i dajare (;’∀’)

・宇宙のトンネル (Fargo Ver.) 4:31 Chocolat FARGO – Single J-Pop 1999
・Live² Version 4:53 COCO SWEET&BITTER J-Pop 1994
・Strings of Life (Supernova Remix) [Mixed] 1:51 Soul Central Right Here, Right Then Dance
・チョコレイト・ディスコ (2012-Mix) 4:55 Perfume Perfume Global Compilation “LOVE THE WORLD” Electronic
・Closer (Mixed) 3:43 Charlotte de Witte Tomorrowland 2022: Charlotte de Witte at Atmosphere, Weekend 1 (DJ Mix) Techno
・marble soda (feat. Shawn Wasabi) [graveyard remix] 2:54 luvgraveyardgirl marble soda (feat. Shawn Wasabi) [graveyard remix] – Single Pop
・CANDY CANDY 3:51 きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ CANDY CANDY – Single Electronic
・Sexy Chocolate 4:08 Asely Frankin & Try Ball 2 Funk Future Disco, Vol. 1 House
・決戦は金曜日 (DOSCO prime Version) 4:59 DREAMS COME TRUE DOSCO prime J-Pop
・Let’s Groove 1:58 I.T.T R&B IN THE HOUSE -BEST- mixed by DJ FUMI★YEAH! R&B/Soul
・きっかけのWink 3:34 安全地帯 アナザー・コレクション~アルバム未収録曲集~ Pop
・Special To Me (Night Tempo Showa Groove Mix) 3:54 Night Tempo,Wink Wink – Night Tempo presents ザ・昭和グルーヴ (Remixes) – EP Electronic
・Chocolate Disco 1:13 Gwinn Steel Ball Run, Act 3 Instrumental
・Timing~タイミング~ 4:09 ブラック・ビスケッツ Timing~タイミング~ – Single J-Pop
・Perfume Medley 2:13 ペンタトニックス Pentatonix (Japan Super Edition) Pop
・チョコレイト・ディスコ 4:19 Little whisper SWEETS HOUSE for J-POP HIT COVERS CANDY Dance
・Everlasting Love 3:48 寧音 Everlasting Love – Single J-Pop
・Sweet Like Chocolate 2:25 Out Of Sound & UPWARD Deep House Hits – Winter 2020 Dance
・Chocolate Disco 3:47 Carldric Clement Community EP Electronic
・Daft Punk 4:09 ペンタトニックス PTX Japan 5th Anniversary Greatest Hits Pop
・チョコレイト・ディスコ 3:46 Perfume GAME Electronic

chocolate Disco
“Chocolate City OHIO RESPECT”set 1 (80s Ohio Disco + City-Pop etc set)

・Dance Floor (Single Version) 3:56 Zapp More Bounce to the Ounce R&B/Soul(Ohio*)
・セ・ラ・ヴィ ~女は愛に忙しい~ 5:03 土岐麻子 Bittersweet J-Pop(JP)
・A Night to Remember 5:08 シャラマー Friends Pop(LA)
・Sing a Happy Song 5:00 オージェイズ Identify Yourself Contemporary R&B (Ohio*)
・The Sound of Music 7:51 デイトン(Dayton) Blue Note Trip, Vol. 5 – Scrambled / Mashed Jazz (Ohio*)
・Smooth Operator 4:59 Sade Diamond Life Pop (UK)
・クレイジー 4:56 カラーブラインド Crazy – EP Funk (Ohio*)

chocolate Funk 4

Valentine Playlist 4 – chocolate Funk
(Valentine Cohocolate FUNK + set)
chocolate Funk MINT
chocolate Funk OHIO (fantasy Chocolate City)
chocolate Funk MINT

(chocolate FUNK set 1) “Chocolate City OHIO RESPECT from J”(Ohio Funk + J Funk etc” set) “MINT”

・テイク・ミー (Live at Chuo Kaikan Hall, Tokyo, Feb. 1982) 4:51 カシオペア MINT JAMS(Live) Fusion
・Chocolate Buttermilk 2:15 クール&ザ・ギャング Kool and the Gang R&B/Soul
・The Hip Hop Band (Interlude) 2:29 ステッツアソニック Blood, Sweat & No Tears Rap
・Funk No.1 (The Knutsens Remix) 5:45 TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI Planet Discopia! Rise of the Glitterbots (DJ Mix) Dance (JP)
・That Lady (Live) 3:37 アイズレー・ブラザーズ Wild In Woodstock: Live At Bearsville Sound Studio (1980) R&B/Soul (Ohio*)
・Chocolate 6:26 シロップ (CV:花澤香菜) Compost Funk Selection (Shake It – Bumpin’ Tunes – compiled & mixed by Roman Lechner) Funk (JP)
・マあなたTHE NIGHT IN TOKYO 2:51 Macross 82-99 ネオ東京 Electronic・Chocolate City (feat. Roger Troutman & Shirley Murdock) 4:32 Big Mike Hart Chocolate City (feat. Roger Troutman & Shirley Murdock) Jazz (Ohio Music Artists*)
・Sweet Sticky Thing (feat. mabanua, さらさ) 4:20 PYRAMID Sweet Sticky Thing (feat. mabanua, さらさ) – Single Funk (JP)

chocolate Funk OHIO (fantasy Chocolate City)
chocolate Funk OHIO’s “Chocolate City” to TOKYO fantasy (MOUSOU)set: This is the story of “Chocolate City” Ohio Funk bringing a fantasy chocolate factory to Tokyo!? 🙂 「チョコレート・シティ」オハイオ・ファンクが東京にファンタジーのチョコレート工場をもたらすストーリー!?(妄想です^^;)

(chocolate FUNK set 2) “Chocolate City OHIO RESPECT from J”(Ohio Funk + J Funk etc” set)”OHIO”

・Chocolate City (feat. Shirley Murdock) 4:02 ザップ&ロジャー & Roger Troutman The Compilation: Greatest Hits II & More Funk (Ohio*)
・スウィート・スティッキー・シング(Sweet Sticky Thing) 6:13 オハイオ・プレイヤーズ Honey Funk (Ohio*)
・消防自動車 (通過) 0:57 コロムビア・スタジオ 【実用決定版!】効果音セレクション 2 季節と行事、日常生活、乗り物 Soundtrack (JP)
・Funk Formula 1 (Intro) 0:33 ブーツィ・コリンズ The Power of the One R&B/Soul (Ohio*)
・フラシュ・ライト(Flashlight) 5:47 パーラメント Funkentelechy vs. The Placebo Syndrome R&B/Soul (NC+Ohio*)
・サン・イズ・ヒア(Introduction: You Are My Sunshine / Sun Is Here) 5:09 サン Sunburn Funk (Ohio*)
・Fantastic Voyage (Single Version) 4:05 レイクサイド Fantastic Voyage R&B/Soul(Ohio*)
・Uptown Funk (Glee Cast Version) 4:29 Glee Cast Glee: The Music, Child Star – Pop (Ohio*)
・After Last Night (feat. Thundercat & Bootsy Collins) 4:09 ブルーノ・マーズ, アンダーソン・パーク & Silk Sonic Late Hour Vibes R&B/Soul (Hawaii+Ohio*)

(chocolate FUNK set 3 intro) “Chocolate City OHIO to TOKYO = “Chco no Shito syurai” set(temp)

chocolate Funk MOUSOU(fantasy) 1 – Ohio “shito” ga Shuto ni Syurai オハイオからの「使徒」が首都に襲来?

People thought it was ANGEL ATTACK, but it was actually ANGEL PIE ATTACK. 🙂 ANGEL ATTACKか!?と思ったらなんとエンゼルパイ・アタックでした。

・ANGEL ATTACK (エヴァンゲリオンBGM) [オルゴール] 2:34 Vega☆オルゴール 夢で逢えたら。。。アニメーション オルゴール ベスト[桜流し][Beautiful World] Worldwide
・チャーリーとチョコレート工場(『チャーリーとチョコレート工場』より)(オルゴール) 1:45 ミュージック・ボックス・エンジェルス(Music Box ANGELs) Soundtrack

(chocolate FUNK set 3) “Chocolate City OHIO bring “Chocolate Factoryt” to TOKYO = “Chco no Shito syurai ha jitsha Choco Koujou no itendesita” The invasion of the chocolate capital was actually the relocation of the chocolate factory. 🙂 *チョコの首都襲来は実はチョコレート工場の移転でした 🙂

・Chocolate City 5:36 パーラメント Chocolate City R&B/Soul
・Chocolate Explorers 2:14 ダニー・エルフマン Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Soundtrack
・P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up) 7:41 Parliament 1975/Funk/Mothership Connection
・Wonka’s Welcome Song 1:01 ダニー・エルフマン Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack
・ザ・ランディング(The Landing) (Live/1977) 3:07 パーラメント Live: P Funk Earth Tour R&B/Soul 1977
・Augustus Gloop 3:10 ダニー・エルフマン Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack
・Chocolata 2:43 Hazy Osterwald Hit Wonder: Hazy Osterwald, Vol. 1 Pop
・Chocolata 2:57 Ben et son orchestre Chocolata (Mono Version) Latin
・Chocolata 2:59 Maria Candido Du Music-Hall aux années 60 (1950-1960) : Maria Candido, Vol. 7/43 France
・Sans contrefaçon (Girl Remix) 4:07 ミレーヌ・ファルメール Ainsi soit-je French Pop
・チョコレイトコスモス 3:39 Uooper Looper Prizu:m J-Pop
・Sweet Sweet Thing (Original King Recording) 2:53 The Delmore Brothers 16 All Time Favorite Songs – Original King Recording Country 1944(Ohio*King Record, Cincinatti)

“Sir.lollipop man, chocolate coated”(source “P-Funk”) btw here’s real chocolate lollipop 🙂

(Valentine Cohocolate FUNK set 3) “Chocolate City 3 = “Chocolate Factory MOUSOU” set(temp)

chocolate Mellow 5

Valentine Playlist 5 – chocolate Mellow Groove (chocolate mellow groove set)

mellow groove “Joshi no kansei ga kyah kyah”set(temp)

・Sideshow 4:12 ブルー・マジック Blue Magic* R&B/Soul (*Philadelphia)
・Lialeh 5:19 バーナード・パーディ Lialeh: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack R&B/Soul
・I Wanna Be Where You Are 1:18 Marvin Gaye 1976/Soul/I Wand You
・I Want You (Intro Jam) 0:20 マービン・ゲイ I Want You R&B/Soul
・All the Way Around 3:51 マービン・ゲイ I Want You R&B/Soul
・Let’s Get It On (Live) 6:22 マービン・ゲイ Live at the London Palladium Pop
・Let’s Get It On (Live) 4:45 マービン・ゲイ Marvin Gaye Live! R&B/Soul
・You’ve Got a Friend (Live) 4:32 ダニー・ハサウェイ Live R&B/Soul
・Give Your Baby a Standing Ovation 4:16 ザ・デルズ The Chess Story 1965-1975 R&B/Soul
・Sweet Exorcist 3:54 カーティス・メイフィールド Sweet Exorcist R&B/Soul

chocolate Soul 6

Valentine Playlist 6 – chocolate Soul
(以下未定 Undecided below)chocolate soul / latin / kayokyoku … etc


Island Love 2:44 Chocolate Milk Comin’ (Expanded) Pop 0 1
Chocolate Buttermilk 2:15 クール&ザ・ギャング Kool and the Gang R&B/Soul 0 2
Chocolate Pleasure 3:37 Chocolate Milk Action Speaks Louder Than Words Pop 0 1
Love Is Life 3:39 ホット・チョコレート Cicero Park Funk 0
My Funny Valentine (Original Edit) 4:00 Big Muff My Funny Valentine House 0
Valentine 3:52 Kupla Kingdom in Blue Old School Rap 0
Valentine 2:08 Jessie Ware & サンファ Valentine – Single Pop 0 1
Groove for Valentine 5:14 Lo Greco Bros & Flow Bop 55 Best Aphrodisiac Grooves (Irma Loves Chill Hop, Lo Fi & Downtempo Soundz) Dance 0
Harmony (feat. Harvie) 3:29 VALENTINE & ザビ Falling Electronic 0 5
Valentine Love (feat. Jean Carne) 3:50 マイケル・ヘンダーソン The Best of Michael Henderson R&B/Soul 0
Valentines Moonlight Lo-fi Instrumental 1:12 Gaming Music & LoFi Chill Valentines Playlist LoFi Beats Hip-Hop/Rap 0
Valentine (feat. Guru Griff) 1:53 Lofi Rhyme Valentine (feat. Guru Griff) – Single Hip-Hop/Rap 0
Be My Valentine Lofi Mix 1:17 Gaming Music & LoFi Chill Valentines Playlist LoFi Beats Hip-Hop/Rap 0
Doc 2:46 Chocolate Milk Milky Way R&B/Soul 0

Yes-No 4:33 オフコース OFF COURSE BEST “ever” EMI Years J-Pop 0
カムフラージュ 5:29 竹内まりや Expressions (MOON Version) J-Pop 0

soul/kayokyoku – “Ueno-kei”

Ueno Shinobazuno ike Night view

soul/kayokyoku – “Ueno-kei” music* notes: Ueno-kei” is a word coined by the author (though it is hardly known even in Japan).「上野系」とは筆者が勝手に命名した造語(日本でもほとんど知られているわけではありません。)(;^_^A …イメージとしては「東京っていい街だな」 左とん平などのTrio Recordsを筆頭にHotwaxの昭和番外地系和モノと上野周辺のディスコそして昭和歌謡などの和モノを混ぜたような感じ(私案)…もう少し広域には日暮里~上野~御徒町~日本橋(レコードコンビニ)~浅草辺りの三角形(※ただし東京やアキバ系は既にジャンルが確立しているので除く?いやもちろんどちらも好きなんですが多分上野系はちょっと別テイストかと(;’∀’))

Ueno hirokousi st. midnight



bitter chocolate gyosu my favorite

Hi guys, here’s my private playlist for special day of Valentine and/or ordinary cozy night with “Chocolate”.


This “DaJare” mixtape featuring Citypop female artists, Japanese R&B Divas, and as you know some tunes from “chocolate” funk etc… enjoy 🙂 and Happy Valentne !

Perhaps people overseas will associate boogie with city pop.

Mariya Takeuchi “Plastic Love”, Miki Matsubara “Midnight Door – Stay with me”, Meiko Nakahara “Fantasy”, and Yasuha “Flyday Chinatown”.

However, the charm of city pop lies in Japanese 70s/80s citypop, 00s/10s neo-city pop, and mellow and sweet masterpieces.
Just as the charm of American R&B/Soul and Funk bands lies not only in dance songs, but also in mellow grooves and sweet love songs.

So, in this playlist, I would like to select and recommend those sweet and mellow japanese citypop songs.

And, of course, chocolate is not only sweet, but also bittersweet.

Slow-funk’s deep grooves actually have an inherent sweetness, but on the surface they’ll feel bittersweet like cocoa beans without sugar.

With such a rough meaning, here we have selected funk and black dance songs as bitter songs.

Of course, I don’t intend to interpret the genre in a difficult way. Feel free to refer to the playlist you want to listen to during your special Valentine’s day, or during your usual relaxing time with chocolate.

Happy valentine, Enjoy Music!
(by DaJare)

DaJare mix(long playlist)

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